Meet the Team

The Farmers


Scott Henley.jpg

Scott Henley and Mary Anna Soifer

Scott and his mother Mary are the founders of Whisper Farms, acting as benefactors and guides to the cooperative. As former residents of Hawaii, they were inspired by aquaponics farms they observed there, and began their own aquaponics operation at their residences in Pasadena/Altadena, selling greens and fish at the Altadena Farmers Market.  Through workshops and farm tours, they discovered neighboring backyard farmers who teamed up with them. Eventually Scott decided to focus more on teaching agriculture at public schools, while allowing the cooperative to grow.


Michael Wood

“Mike” is an LA-born naturalist and plant scientist trained at Citrus College and Cal Polytechnic University.  He is a stay-at-home dad, urban farmer, and vegetable vendor at the Atwater Village Farmers market. Mike spent much of his youth in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, where he developed a love of rivers, forests, and wildlife. He discovered Whisper Farms through a series of farm tours/workshops hosted by Rishi Kumar, founder of the Growing Home and Sarvodaya Farms.


Edwin Tomyoy

Edwin is a Trinidadian-born trilingual chef who came to Los Angeles in his youth to continue his family’s restaurant business. He later became a school teacher, solar-panel aficionado, and gardener. Edwin is constantly gardening and cooking at his home in S. Pasadena, always willing to share his recipes and farming techniques with the younger generations.  Edwin is an active grower and vendor for Whisper Farms at the Atwater Village Farmers Market.


DAN Farnam

Dan is a Chicago-born Hollywood cinematographer, drone pilot, market gardener/compost builder, and vegan, who travels the world to film/photograph farming operations and much more. Dan joined Whisper Farms to get his kids more involved in growing veggies and cooking at home.


Dr. Brian Blackburn, PhD

Brian is a Chicago-born clinical physiologist, vegan chef, and MMA fighter, whose primary focus is counseling others with chronic illness (heart disease, diabetes, and cancer) on how to use a plant-based diet and exercise to help reverse disease. Brian has been a benefactor to the expansion of Whisper Farms backyard locations, and heads The Plant Based Riot podcast.